Why do you close at 1pm?

We close at 1pm in order to service the bikes we have taken in for repairs. We also head out on collections and deliveries where they are pre-booked on the website.

Why don't you sell bikes?

Stocking bike for sale has increasingly become more difficult for the small shop for many reasons. Here's three.

1] Manufacturers/suppliers have set up direct to consumer sales online.

2] Internet suppliers who are prepared to send out bikes for the customer to assemble at home, usually with an attractive price, making the shop price including a fully built bike, ready to go with all the advice and service of a tangible product, look expensive by comparison.

3] Lack of all year round sales.

Can I collect my serviced bike in the afternoon/evening by appointment?

Yes, although you may need to reply to the completion email, use either Whatsapp or messenger from the website, to agree a day/time