Gold Service + Collection and Delivery

Gold Service + Collection and Delivery

Ross Cycles Caterham

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This is our premier service and would be recommended for a high mileage bike or when you want your bike to have that new bike feeling!

Seat post removed, cleaned and re-fitted and tightened to recommended torque

Bike fully stripped down to the bare frame. Frame wiped down/checked for damage/cracks

Complete drive system removed including pedals, chainset, bottom bracket, chain, cassette and both derailleurs. All cleaned and refitted or replaced if worn

Wheels trued

Tyres checked and inflated correctly (replaced if required)

Brakes checked (new pads fitted if required)

Gears checked/re-aligned

Headset and handlebar assembly checked and tightened to recommended torque

Wheel hubs stripped down and re-greased

Headset removed and greased

On the day of the service we ask to have your bike in the shop no later than 11am. We will strive to get your bike serviced by the due date or time discussed.

We ask you to bring your bike in a relatively clean state. Extra cleaning of bikes will be charged.

Any worn/broken parts will be disposed of unless otherwise requested.

We ask that you to collect your bike within a week of it being serviced or repaired. We reserve the right to charge for storage if bikes are not collected within a reasonable time.