Ceramic Coat Cosmetic Service

Ross Cycles Caterham

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What's in a Ceramic Coat Cosmetic Service ?

Bike Wash

Chain, cassette and chain set removed and degreased, rinsed and dried

Derailleurs cleaned on the bike

Chain lubed with a premium lubricant. You can specify your own preferred lube or we can recommend one for you to use such as Ceramic, Wax or Oil.

We clean your frame and forks thoroughly and carefully apply Ceramic Coat to your paint.

Refit gear parts

This is a product engineered for hydrophobic protection in the harshest conditions. It offers unmatched protection and durability meaning you do not need to reapply every wash.

Water, mud, tree sap and oils will slide straight off the frame once this application is complete, keeping your bike cleaner and protected for longer, meaning a hose down may not even be required post ride

It protects the frame by filling the imperfections in the lacquer or top layer creating a smooth, strong and durable hydrophobic coating.

Suitable for matte, gloss and natural finishes.

This work does not involve any adjustments as a standalone product however you can add a Ceramic Coat Cosmetic Service to one of our Bronze Silver or Gold Services for scaled down pricing, please add the associated Service to your basket