Safety Labs Eros

Ross Cycles Caterham

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With the Eros, you won’t even notice you’re wearing a helmet at all. 21 ventilation windows help keep you cool, and its light but sturdy build was designed for comfort in mind, only second to safety. The Eros takes a step into the future with a dual layer of PC plastic, promising to keep your head protected at all costs. But speed can’t be neglected either. The Eros is sleek, and no breeze can stop you while you’re wearing it. Whether you’re a pro cyclist or a casual rider, the Eros is meant for you.

  • Strong Dual Layer PC In-Mold Construction bonded to shock absorbing EPS liner for trail protection
  • Pro 36Oº Adjustment Fit System to dial in a secure fit
  • Aerodynamic XC Design and stylish
  • Superior Ventilation with 21 airflow ventilation windows
  • Inner Helmet Soft Padding with sleek straps & ITW buckle