Bike 3in1- Recycled Edition (RE)


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Wishbone Bike - 3in1 Recycled Edition

The Skinny

  • Wishbone Bike starts at 12 months with three wheels, helping babies to walk and then ride.Lightweight and super-stable

  • Later Wishbone Bike converts to two-wheels for a pedal-less bike - learning to balance is easy. One skill at a time.

  • The frame incorporates Wishbone's patented RotafixTM system for integrated adjustability of the seat and frame all the way from 25cm to 50cm high!

  • The Recycled Bike's frame is made from 100% post-consumer recycled carpet with glass fibre added for strength.

  • Suits kids from 12 months up to 6 years. Wishbone bike is one of the smallest and the tallest balance bikes on the market.

  • Wishbone Bike 3in1 comes with everything you need from baby walker, to toddler trike to balance bike.

  • Small or large. You choose.

Product Info

  • Recommended Age - 12 months to 6 years(max 30kg)
  • Adjustable Seat Height- 23 - 51 cm / 9 to 20 inches
  • Bike Weight - 4.8kg / 10.5lb
  • Trike Weight - 6.2kg / 13.6lb
  • Boxed Weight - 8.3kg / 18.3lb
  • Tyre Size - 12inch
  • Made From - 100% recycled carpet frame, organic cotton. Recycled packaging.
  • Warranty - 2 year

  • Meets current US, EU, Australian and New Zealand safety standards, CE.