Panorama Deluxe Frameset 52 cm


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  • Long distance tourer, rugged commuter or just for day rides, a Ridgeback World series bike offers a cycling experience steeped in history but with the benefit of contemporary technology.
  • Built to exacting specifications, our frames are constructed to a size specific geometry in a wide range of locations of seat tube lengths to ensure stability and sure handling even when fully loaded.
  • Hand welded using renowned Reynolds steel or 6061 aluminium, a World series Ridgeback provides a responsive, comfortable ride with the structural reliability essential for a tradition expedition bikes.
  • Tim and Laura Moss,s round the world trip on standard Panorama,s is truly a testament to this.
  • Designed for long periods in the saddle in remote locations, World series bike are sensibly specified.
  • Brazed down tube cable stops mean traditional gear levers can be used if needed.
  • All complete builds use a square taper bottom bracket to allow replacement with a more readily available cup and axle unit.
  • Supplied with a sturdy four point rack and full mudguards, a World series Ridgeback is built to explore distant places.