Brighton Big Dog Entry

Ross Cycles Caterham

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ENTRY INTO BRIGHTON BIG DOG 2019 - This payment should be paid via Cash or BACS as Ross Cycles is purely organising people into groups who want to do this event. All I ask is that you are prepared for me to take some pictures and use these for social media to promote my shop/business during the day.

Ross Cycles is making no money on this at all and just wants to have a good time.

Card payments cost money to accept and it's illegal to add a card charge to cover card proccessing fees so please BACS your payment to


Ross Cycles Limited

SC 40.45.17

AN 81479164

Then reply to this email to say you've done so.

If you regularly use us then you can pay this way in future if you so wish.


Thanks a lot, and welcome to the party!